BlockGame Monthly report(2020.04)

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Block Game is a global borderless blockchain game ecosystem platform, relying on blockchain technology to build a cross-border, cross-platform, cross-product decentralized open game ecosystem. Block Game is committed to creating a globalized, borderless game ecosystem with Token as the value certificate, free from the restrictions of countries, game types and currencies. 

Platform Construction

Block Game will undergo a comprehensive upgrade and is currently in the preparation stage.

Exhibition activities

Topchain launches the second phase of global volunteer recruitment plan

Topchain Top Eco Global Volunteer Recruitment Program is launched on February 14,2020. In the first phase of volunteer recruitment, a total of ten people was elected. Right now, they are actively assisting the official to carry out Topchain ecological construction. At the same time, Topchain has started the second phase of volunteer recruitment plan.

Registration Link

About the program

The Topchain Volunteer Program is launched by the Topchain official and recruits volunteers globally. Volunteers will work with Topchain to build Topchain Ecology. Current recruitment positions include public chain technology research and development, game product development, and community management. Volunteers will have the opportunity to receive TOPC rewards, peripheral products, Block Game rights, and other forms of rewards





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