BlockGame Monthly report(2019.11)

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BlockGame is a global borderless blockchain game ecosystem platform, relying on blockchain technology to build a cross-border, cross-platform, cross-product decentralized open game ecosystem. BlockGame is committed to creating a globalized, borderless game ecosystem with Token as the value certificate, free from the restrictions of countries, game types and currencies. 


Platform construction

For platform operation needs, the server of the 3D blockchain PC game "Broken Sky" has been officially shut down on November 15. "Heaven on Blood" has opened "Heaven on Earth District 2" at 14:00 on November 29, 2019. At that time, the "Top 10" activity of the new district will be launched simultaneously.

Meeting & cooperation

Recently, Top Chain has reached strategic cooperation with dozens of cutting-edge blockchain industry communities including the Million Community, the Dark Horse Community, the Vine Community, the Pumpkin Community, Winning the Coin Circle, and the Coin Bank Community to jointly promote the construction of the Top Chain Community. On November 7th, the "Follow the Light · Wuzhen Blockchain Night" party jointly hosted by Top Chain, Deep Chain Finance, Bikuaibao, and Hufu was held in Wuzhen, Hangzhou. Ms. Emily, CEO of Top Chain, gave a keynote speech on "Top Chain: The Ecology of Borderless Blockchain Games". On November 7, Ms. Emily, CEO of Top Chain, announced that Top Chain reached a strategic cooperation with Singapore SoftBank Investment Pte Ltd. and obtained strategic investment from Singapore SoftBank Investment Pte Ltd.
It is reported that Singapore's SoftBank Investment Pte Ltd. is a wholly-owned subsidiary of Japan's SoftBank Investment Co., Ltd., which is mainly targeted at emerging industrial markets such as blockchain. After the cooperation agreement is signed, Singapore's SoftBank will help the development of the top chain in different fields, the two parties will sincerely cooperate to jointly promote the construction of a global blockchain application infrastructure and a borderless blockchain game ecosystem.
On November 18th, Ms. Emily, CEO of Top Chain, was a guest of the 91 Finance and Community live broadcast room and held a half-hour exchange and discussion with 91 Finance reporters and community users. She has given a introduction of the current development status and ecological layout of the top chain.


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