BlockGame weekly report(4.6-4.27)

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BlockGame is a global borderless blockchain game ecosystem platform, relying on blockchain technology to build a cross-border, cross-platform, cross-product decentralized open game ecosystem. BlockGame is committed to creating a globalized, borderless game ecosystem with Token as the value certificate, free from the restrictions of countries, game types and currencies.


project construction


Topchain has listed on the IMX Exchange at 15:00 on April 15, Singapore Time ( Open TOPC/USDT trading pairs.


By now, there are many digital asset exchanges has launch the Topchain, including Huobi, Okex, ZB, Fullbit, QBTC, CEX, BQEX and IMX.


Game dynamics


In order to better protect the interests of players, the platform has been operated voting system, all blockchain game products on the platform will open online voting at least once. Questionnaires are sent out by the platform, and players can fill in their own suggestions for game changes. The first voting game was <Top Legend>.


<Devil from the Sky>


The new edition of mining has been revised and is now in the testing stage.


<Journey Age 2>


The new version has entered the final test stage, mainly test for the version stability and logic rationality. The mining model in the new version is proportionate mining.


Participation activities


On April 20, the "Spring City Festival, Linking the Future" held by Huobi Club, BlockGame and Top Chain jointly opened the Shandong Jinan Blockchain Sharing Exchange Summit and the opening ceremony of Huobi Club Jinan Station. After giving keynote speeches by Suzie, senior market manager of Huobi and Wan Jigang, business director of North China District of Huobi Ms. Emily, representative of Jinan Station of Huobi Club and co-founder of TopChain, delivered a speech on the theme of "game ecology of borderless blockchain", which introduced in detail the concept of TopChain's blockchain game and the application of BlockGame platform. On the basis of this experience, we reveal the global landing strategy of TopChain and BlockGame in the next stage. As one of the main promoters of Huobi Club Jinan Station, Emily said TopChain would spare no effort to participate in the construction of Huobi Club Jinan Station, and play a bridge role in the Shandong block chain industry.



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