BlockGame weekly report(2.23-3.15)

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BlockGame is a global borderless blockchain game ecosystem platform, relying on blockchain technology to build a cross-border, cross-platform, cross-product decentralized open game ecosystem. BlockGame is committed to creating a globalization, borderless game ecosystem that is based on the Token and is not subject to country, game type or currency.


Product Development Due to the platform's recent plans to launch a new promotion and lock-up activities, the mobile terminal needs to be updated synchronously. Therefore, the BlockGame APP needs to add new features and activities. It is expected that the APP will be launched with the new promotion and lockout activities next month.


Game dynamics


Game mining modification

Adding the settlement judgment function, further protect the interests of normal players, protect the interests of the holders and investment users, and further process and ban the studio.


<Topology Legend>

"Topology Legend" adding new fashion system

Add special monsters and get a lot of TOPC rewards directly after killing.

Advance adjustment of the power structure and mining system.


Participation activities

The 2019 Belt and Road Blockchain and Game International Conference hosted by BlockGame, Top Chain, and Bibaodao will be held on March 16, 2019 at the Marriott International Hotel in Manila, Philippines.

The conference attracted many companies from China, Philippines, Malaysia, Singapore, Cambodia, Myanmar, South Korea and other countries. Covers financial institutions, real estate, immigration, investment, blockchain solution development and insurance companies.


Among them, the founder of Top Chain & BlockGame Mr. Jiao Guangming will hold the “Top Chain 2019 Important Information Release Conference” at the conference site. He will announced to the guests onsite and the global media about the 2019 development trend of Top chain and BlockGame in 2019.



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