BlockGame weekly report(2.2-2.23)

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BlockGame is a global gaming platform based on blockchain technology and strives to create a token-based borderless gaming ecosystem without restrictions to any country, game type and currency.


The IOS APP of BlockGame has been developed and is currently undergoing internal testing.

The Android APP is expected to be completed next week and will cost two weeks for testing.

News on games

Heaven breaking demons

 "Cangtian World" leaderboard competition successfully ended, the event rewards were all issued to the platform account on February 12.

In order to protect the players, the platform updated the game on February 21st. The maintenance contents are as follows:

1. When the honor is settled every night, when there are multiple roles in the account, only the role with the highest honor value is settled, and the other roles are cleared.

2 some activities lead to optimization

3. Adjust the output of “Honor treasure chest”. (When the remaining activity of the instance reaches 0, the instance will no longer produce the "Honour Treasure Chest")

4,When the player level is more than level 20, it will no longer produce "honor treasure chest."

The Journey

The Journey was updated on February 14th. The maintenance contents are as follows:

1. Fixed the bug that the VIP can repeatedly received the bonus.

2. Fixed the problem that sometimes the power war will not be awarded.

3. Adjust the advanced rules of the tenth-order weapon:cannot be advanced to S weapon.

4, VIP rewards can be received

Top Legend

"Top Legend" is based on the legend 1.76 version, adding blockchain elements without changing the PK and sandstorming. This allows players to get TOPC rewards while playing the game.

At present, "Top Legend" is under development, and the mining mode and online time will be subject to the official website .

Platform construction

In order to attract the traditional game players to enter the world of blockchain game, the platform has opened the function that cash asset can exchange TOPC asset on February 19.

This function is only 

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