BlockGame weekly report(1.11-2.1)

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BlockGame is a global gaming platform based on blockchain technology and strives to create a token-based borderless gaming ecosystem without restrictions to any country, game type and currency.


Product development

 BlockGame APP has been basically completed, and Beta Test will be conducted recently.


News on games

Cancel game mining limit

In order to ensure the life of blockchain games and have a better gaming experience for player , the platform decided to cancel the total amount of mining of a single game. The mining pool will be decided by the quality of the game and the number of active players in the game.
The 3D blockchain game "Heaven breaking demons" has officially landed on the BlockGame platform at 11:00 on January 25, 2019. The new competition will end at 00:00 on the morning of February 4.



<The Journey 2>

"The Journey 2" has added a lot of content such as power war , high-level weapons and so on.
"The Journey 2" mining mode is changed from the specified behavior mining to the game behavior mining. All game behaviors will be calculated. The system will randomly select one or several kinds of behaviors as the basis for judgment. The player will win the TOPC through the behaviors analysis. 




Bonus of the blockchain game The journey 2”  for January has been issued to all game investors; In total, over 6 million TOPC dividends have been distributed to hundreds of game investors according to the ratio they invested.


Platform construction

The platform has recently improved the risk management level of account registration and login, and high-risk accounts and high-risk device landing platforms will intercept.


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