BlockGame weekly report(12.22-1.11)

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BlockGame is a global gaming platform based on blockchain technology and strives to create a token-based borderless gaming ecosystem without restrictions to any country, game type and currency.


Product development

The platform is developing an APP product in order to facilitate mobile phone users to better enjoy the fun of the game,


Current APP development progress:

Data acquisition and synchronization for the news & activity center channels completed;

Game download function completed;

Coins recharge and withdrawal functions completed


News on games


<Heaven breaking demons>

The final test of the 3D game <Heaven breaking demons> is underway, and it is expected to land on the BlockGame platform as the first 3D game of blockchain in the near future.  


Related activities will be carried out simultaneously after the release of the game.

Stay tune with the BlockGame official website and wechat public account for the exact online time and event content.


<The Journey 2>

The new version of "The Journey 2" has been revised and is currently undergoing final testing. There will be a contest called championship in the troubled worldalong with one-week long activities in the new district after the launch of the new version of "The Journey 2".


Stay tune with the BlockGame official website and  wechat public account for the exact online time and event content.



<RO Revival>

The classic IP masterpiece RO Revivalhas almost been done with revision and currently in the preliminary testing stage and is expected to go live on the BlockGame platform.


                    Platform construction

 Coin withdrawal function upgraded;

The withdrawal function under the Personal Wallet is currently being optimized and will soon be ope;

Bonus of the blockchain game The journey 2”  for December has been issued to all game investors; In total, over 2 million TOPC dividends have been distributed to hundreds of game investors according to the ratio they invested.



The Conferences

From March 15 to 18, 2019,  the One Belt And One Road Blockchain Conference + International Chess and Cards Exhibition (Southeast Asia), hosted by TopChain and Blockgame is going to be held in Manila, Philippines.


The Philippines has incomparable advantages over China in such industries as blockchain and chess and cards. Its loose and enlightened policies, fast growing market demand and inclusive cultural environment are all the main factors that make it more suitable for the development of these emerging industries. Joining the Blockchain Conference + International Chess and Cards Exhibition (Southeast Asia) would be your first step to the Southeast Asian market.


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