The BlockChain Conference + International Chess and Cards Exhibition (Southeast Asia) recruiment is ongoing

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In recent years, with China's economy slowing down, emerging industries represented by the Internet and blockchain have encountered unprecedented winter season, making it more difficult to start a new business and difficult for enterprises to survive.

In contrast to the domestic situation, the Philippines, located across the sea from us, is rising rapidly. Relying on a loose policy environment, a youthful demographic profile , a fast growing consumer demand and a variety of new business models, this western Pacific island country is becoming the hottest emerging industrial market in the world.    

From March 15th to 18th, 2019,  the One Belt And One Road Blockchain Conference + International Chess and Cards Exhibition (Southeast Asia) which is hosted by TopChain and BlockGame, a global borderless blockchain gaming platform and co-organized by Philippine Software Industry Association and Animation Council of the Philippines, will be held in Manila, Philippines. Industry leaders will be invited to interpret industrial policies and help you grasp the landing policy trend in southeast Asia during the conference. The conference aims to enhance the industrial communications in southeast Asia and promote strategic alignment of projects so as to expand the international market.

BlockGame will cooperate with various partners to build a bridge between China and the 100-billion worth market in southeast Asia for exhibitors in this conference.

The advantages of the conference

Help overseas enterprises to deal with local chess license and compliance license;

Provide local office space and accommodation;

Help with work visa application;

Help solve landing problems, accelerate landing an integration

 Highlights of the conference

Cover hundreds of millions of people with media exposure and publicity from home and Southeast Asia;

Years of work experience and contacts,  to help you connect with the local marke;

Senior practitioners have closed meetings to help you avoid detours

Three advantages of the Philippines

The policy

1.The Philippines enjoys unique policy advantages over the development of blockchain and chess and card games. The Philippine government has legislated to support the above industries and issued licenses for many enterprises, and the foreign exchange control is more relaxed than that in other regions

2. Since the launch of the "One Belt And One Road" strategy, China and the Philippines have been cooperating closely. In November of this year, leaders of the two countries jointly issued the joint statement of the People's Republic of China and the republic of the Philippines and reached important consensus that Chinese enterprises will receive more preferential policies in the Philippines.


The market

1. The Philippines has the world's largest gambling industry, rich financial strength, high popularity rate of chess and cards, and broad market prospects of chess and card game products;

2. The Philippines is an emerging market in southeast Asia. In 2018, China's investment in the Philippines grew by up to 8000% with a total investment of nearly 50 billion  RMB. Investment in the Philippines has become a popular option for many companies and institutions.

3. In recent years, the Philippines has enjoyed strong GDP growth, sound macroeconomic situation and huge room for growth.

The culture

1. There are a large number of Chinese living in the Philippines with large number of Chinese enterprises and a long history, which occupies a leading position in social development and is conducive to the entry and market expansion of entrepreneurs in China.

2. With a large number of ethnic groups and a high degree of cultural integration, the Philippines enjoys a mild and inclusive cultural environment, which is suitable for the development of enterprises from all countries.

3. The Philippines has a large proportion of young people, comprehensive social network coverage and strong consumer demand, making them easier to accept the emerging economic model and lifestyle, which is conducive to the implementation of blockchain projects.

The Philippines has a huge advantage over China in such industries as blockchain and chess and cards. It is more suitable for the development of these emerging industries from the perspectives of loose and enlightened policies, fast growing market demand and te inclusive cultural environment. To participate in the One Belt And One Road Blockchain Conference + International Chess and Cards Exhibition in southeast Asia would be the first step for you to enter the southeast Asian market.

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