BlockGame weekly report(12.4-12.21)

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BlockGame is a global gaming platform based on blockchain technology and strives to create a token-based borderless gaming ecosystem without restrictions to any country, game type and currency.



In order to enable mobile phone users to better enjoy the fun of the game, the platform is upgrading the functions of the APP. At present, the UI design of the APP interface and some mobile phone functions have been completed.


Completed functions include:

* user registration

* phone number modification/email binding

* personal center data acquisition and modification

* game center data acquisition






The mining mode of the game <The Journey2> is being optimized, and contest is about to launch

To secure users’ profit gained from the game, the platform is upgrading the mining mode of the game with the game developers. And the current “behavioral mining” mode is expected to be replaced with “task mining” mode after the optimization.


<The Journey 2> is about to launch the contest ”the forces”, during which, players can access specific maps to PK and collect. Participants will obtain a large number of TOPC as rewards.


BlockGame is launching the online game trading system, <The Journey2> might be the first game open for trade

The platform is developing a game trading system (tentatively referred to as BG trading cabinet), in which players can freely buy and sell commodities including game characters and game props.


The 3D game <Heaven breaking demons> is soon to go live on BlockGame platform

The 3D game <Heaven breaking demons> has almost been tokenized and is currently in the test phase. The game is soon to go live on the BlockGame platform.





(Screenshots of the game)


Platform building

Due to the proliferation of studios, the platform is currently undergoing a comprehensive risk control upgrade. During this period, if there is a false seal, please contact the platform customer service or feedback in the QQ group (group number 232849181).Sorry for the inconvenience.



On December 13th, Tang Shuainan, partner of BlockGame was invited by Huobi to attend the Open Day event and go through the Huobi Group business with several huobi executives including the COO Zhu Jiawei to. He also held in-depth talks with other project participants and reach preliminary cooperation intention.



From December 12th to 16th, Caesar, founder of Topc &BlockGame, went to Philippines to meet with local partners and make preliminary preparations for the blockchain conference to be held in the Philippines in March 2019.


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