BlockGame weekly report(11.9-12.3)

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BlockGame is a global gaming platform based on blockchain technology and strives to create a token-based borderless gaming ecosystem without restrictions to any country, game type and currency.


Platform building

First batch of dividends completed for game shareholders

On December 1, shareholders that invested in the blockchain game <The Journey>,  received their first batch of monthly return , a total of more than 3 million TOPC, for November. Shareholders are paid in accordance with the proportion of the total tokens they invested.


Super player & super node plan ongoing, total position-locked TOPC exceeded 83,000,000

To ensure platform user’s rights and interests for better gaming experiences in the long and brutal bear market, Blockgame has launched a Super Player & Super Node locking plan. As of December 3, the total amount of tokens locked has exceeded 83 million TOPC.


Emily Lee, cofounder of blockgame attended several blockchain related conferences home and abroad.

On November 12, Emily attended the blockchain knowledge dissemination event held in Qingdao for SME head, and introduced the blockchain technology as well as BlockGame to the audience.

She also attended the 2018 CRYPTO FESTA event held in Korea on November 15 and communicated with leaders of several well-known exchanges and blockchain projects.


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