BlockGame Weekly Report(10.20-11.9)

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BlockGame is a global gaming platform based on blockchain technology and strives to create a token-based borderless gaming ecosystem without restrictions to any country, game type and currency.


    Super Player & Super Node plan:  position-locked tokens exceeded 60,000,000 TOPC


BlockGame is now offering contributors of the TOPC tokens a position-locking plan named “Super player & Super Node” to ensure better gaming experience on the basis of user’s rights and interests during the long bear market. The lock-in plan was started on Nov. 1, 2018. And as of November 9, the total amount of position-locked tokens has exceeded 60,000,000 TOPC with nearly 200 users participating.



Invest in Games” program received early success, investment round for《The Journey 2》completed

The “Invest in Games” program initiated by Blockgame officially went live at 5 pm, November 8, 2018, together with the first game product 《The journey 2》 open for investment on the platform. The total investment amount was set to be 5,000,000 TOPC and was all sold out in just 1 minute and 47 seconds shortly after live.  

The purpose of the program is to improve the game ecosystem where player’s value can be reshaped by being able to invest in the games provided by the platform.


Platform construction

VIP system went online


The VIP system on the BlockGame platform was activated on Nov. 2 2018.The VIP has multiple privileges such as exclusive icon, free transfer, recharge rebate, exclusive gift, event preview, exclusive customer service, etc. A single VIP user can receive up to tens of thousands of TOPC as reward per day. Users can log in to the Personal Center page to view the VIP level and corresponding benefits.



New game online

The first dual-end 3D MMORPG fantasy mobile game "The Journey 2", which is invested by players, will be available on the BlockGame platform at 14 o'clock on November 16th, 2018. A one-week new tour opening service will be held simultaneously. For details of the event, please pay attention to the official website and the wechat account.

Introduction and mining methods :

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