About the “Invest in Games” program

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Dear users,

In order to improve the game ecosystem where players ‘ value can be reshaped by being able to invest in the games provided by the platform, we are planning to launch the “Invest in Games” programs at 5pm, November 8, 2018 , 

 “Invest in Games”program: the platform will offer a list of well-made blockchain games which can be invested by all players. Games that meet the according requirements will go live on the platform within 5 work days after investment round ends. The platform shall be responsible for the operation and promotion service, and the investors will share the profit  earned from the games they invest in.( Different game has different investment rules and dividend proportion, please refer to the game investment page for more details.) 

《The Journey 2》will be the first game available for investment and is expected to go live on the platform together with the “Invest in Games” program. The total invested amount required for this game would be 5,000,000 TOPC where the Super Node can invest up to 100,000 TOPC; super players can invest up to 50,000 TOPC;  and platform users, up to 20,000 TOPC.

User's bonus of 《The Journey 2》accounts for 80% of the total recharge value generated in the game. And dividends shall be distributed to investor’s accounts on a natural monthly basis.

Monthly dividends for investors of 《The Journey 2》=(Total recharge for all servers in a single month*80%)*(personal invested amount/total invested amount)

For more details for the “Invest in Games” program, visit https://huodong.blockgame.com/Investment/index.html

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