Kaesar, Founder of TopChain(TOPC), Participated in the GBS Global Blockchain Summit and Was Appointed as Vice Chairman by the Global Blockchain Applied Research Foundation

来源:原创  时间:2018-06-25

  Today, the GBS Global Blockchain Summit,i.e. Inaugural Blockchain Application Exhibition, was successfully concluded at the Marriott International Convention and Exhibition Center in Pasay City, Manila,Philippines

  This summit was co-hosted by the “Global Blockchain Applied Research Foundation” and the “World Belt and Road One Foundation”, and was undertaken by LeiLook Finance. Mr Kaesar, co-founder of the TopChain(TOPC), was invited to attend .The summit arouses high concern and support from the industry via its creative format of being not just a forum but also an exhibition.

  In addition to the founder of TopChain(TOPC), Mr. Kaesar, the summit also attracted other elites including: Raul L.Lambino,Secretary of the President’office of the Philippines; DANTE A.ANG, International Public Relations Advisor of President of the Philippines; Prince Subidi Barwetta, Royal Family of Thailand; Gretza Damavan from Thai Admiral; Dashuang Jiang , Chairman of the United Nations World Economy and Economic Development Committee; Xiaohua Wang, Former Vice President of Ali and founder of U-Link Capital; Xiaojun Zhen,World Blockchain Organization Officer; Lei Hua,co-founder of Talenta; Mr. Yuming Yuan , President of the Institute of Huobi Currency Research; LeiLook Finance; Yu Duan,founder of Zenith Ventures.


  Kaesar, founder of TopChain(TOPC), made a speech on the topic "How to make money in blockchain games" where he introduced a borderless blockchain game distribution platform named BlockGame and emphasized that BlockGame is open and supportive for any crypto currency and any game.Moreover, as the only platform that connects with data from Huobi and Okex, BlockGame allows users to withdraw tokens gained in the games to these two exchanges where they can trade.Via which, user’s benefit can be realized to a maximum extend.


  Mr. Jiao pointed out that traditional games can be regenerated and reused through blockchain transformation, and games have become the best application scenario in blockchain.

  Kaesar , Founder of TopChain(TOPC) was appointed as vice chairman by Global Blockchain Applied Research Foundation in this summit and was interviewed by media outlets like CCTV and XinHua News after his speech.

  In 2018 TopChain and BlockGame will conduct more in-depth researches on the aspects of blockchain game technology, traditional game transformation , guidance on cooperation of blockchain-related projects, and sharing and build in the BlockGame exchange; also will, together with all TOPC partners and supporters, strive to build a borderless blockchain game platform.

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