The BlockGame Biweekly Report (2018.4.15-2018.5.4)

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  From mid-April to early May of 2018, along with the global rising of blockchain business, global decentralized game ecology strategy ushered in a period of advancement. The application of landing, commercial cooperation, technological innovation, and the steady rise of community construction have already gained some influence in the game business.

  BlockGame's first game product "Journey of the Era" listed online

  The game has been tested at 14 on April 20th and became the first BlockGame ecosystem member. "Journey of the Era" closed the RMB recharge interface, with TOPC as the value voucher, users can get profits through the normal game behavior, and became the most popular block chain game soon.

  BlockGame entered into deep cooperation with OKEX and Huobi

  On April 25th, BlockGame entered into deep cooperation with OKEX and Huobi exchanges to realize data synchronization and provide a barrier-free and efficient circulation experience for both users' digital assets, further reaching a "game plus blockchain" mode.

  Users Community of BlockGame

  At present, the registered users of the BlockGame platform have exceeded 500,000, and hundreds of WeChat, QQ, and telegram groups have been established to provide instant service for players. At the same time, the BlockGame volunteer program has been fully launched. At present, it has received tens of thousands of applications and the volunteer team will continue to recruit.

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