Registered users of BlockGame has exceeded 300,000 and the game is about to open

来源:原创  时间:2018-04-16

  As of 12:00 on April 15, 2018, the registered number of BlockGame platform has reached 300,000 , and it is still growing. At present, the deadline for the event is less than 24 hours. Unregistered players should seize the opportunity to register within 24 hours.

  BlockGame is a global decentralized game platform designed to provide game developers and gamers with a platform for independent customization, collaboration, and common development. BlockGame has built a Token-based free economy for all game product manufacturers and game players, and has become a global decentralized game ecosystem where everyone participates, everyone decides, and everyone benefits.

  As the strategic partner of BlockGame, TopChain supports the ecological construction of BlockGame and builds the game ecology through TOPC. Among them, as the first game that lands on the BlockGame platform, “Journey to the Ages” will present all the output and consumption in TOPC, and the majority of game lovers can enjoy playing games to earn Token.

  In addition to launching double burst rate and 100,000 TOPC awarding activities, a one-week level contest will also be held in the began of the game. Till the end of April 27th, Top 100 awards were awarded to the top 100 rankings, among which the top three awards were 100,000 TOPC, 50,000 TOPC, and 30,000 TOPC.

  Equipment items are essential for the game to win, and all of these need to pay by TOPC. On the platform, players can use the TOPC obtained through registration or invitation in the game "Journey of the era" . The more friends you invite, the greater the advantage in the game. You also have the chance to get a huge reward of 100,000 TOPC. Don’t be hesitate, go ahead and invite your friends to sign up.

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