BlockGame Weekly (2018.4.9-2018.4.14)

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  BlockGame is a global decentralized game platform designed to provide game developers and gamers with a platform for independent customization, collaboration, and common development. BlockGame has built a Token-based free economy for all game product manufacturers and game players, and has become a global decentralized game ecosystem where everyone participates, everyone decides, and everyone benefits.

  Project Progress

  The first stage is completed and the game is expected to go online in April 20th.

  "Journey of the Tour" is a game without RMB recharge interface. The output and consumption of the game are all TOPC settlement.

  Activity progress

  The TOPC rewarding activity continue in the middle, and the number of registered users has exceeded 350,000.

  In the first week of the online game, the game will carry out rewarding activities, "Journey of the era" opening service URL:

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