BlockGame weekly reports(2018.3.17—2018.3.23)

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BlockGame is a global decentralized game platform under the TopChain ecosystem. It aims to provide game developers and players with a platform for independent customization, cooperation, and common development. BlockGame has built a free economy with token as key medium for all game product manufacturers and players to realize a global decentralized game ecosystem where everyone participates, everyone decides, and everyone benefits.

           Project Progress

Blockgame Development Progress

Opening function: home page, registration

Develop completion:

blockgame landing

Blockgame activity plan and preparation work have been finished and internal stress test is under going.

Game accessing contents (various interfaces) have finished development and are under commissioning.

Under development: Blockgame wallet function

Volunteer Recruitment with Remarkable Results

Through volunteers recruitment activities launched lately, we select two best volunteers as English Translators to maintain the international community and translate some related articles.

Enrollment registration for volunteers:

Marketing Activity

TOPChain attends Tokensky World Blockchain Conference in Seoul

On March 14th, Mr. Kaesar, the founder of TOPChain, took part in the Tokensky World Blockchain Conference Seoul Summit and had in-depth communication with local partners in South Korea.


Mr. Kaesar, founder of TopChain, delivered a wonderful speech with the theme of "Bright Future of Blockchain Game" to the guests at present. At the end of the speech, Mr. Kaesar revealed that TopChain's global decentralization platform, BlockGame, would come out soon and would begin to launch various game products in April. This is the first time that the TopChain landing project has been globally exposed.

BlockGame's first exposure has won widespread international attention and recognition. After the speech, a number of investment institutions and game manufacturers expressed their intentions of cooperation with Kaesar. In addition, Jinniu Finance, Sanyan Blockchain and other reporters conducted a special interview.

Community Building

Wechat Group 






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