Deep Exposure to BlockGame: A Decentralized Game Platform

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In Tokensky International Blockchain Summit held in Seoul, South Korea lately, Mr.Kaesar, founder of TopChain, firstly unveiled that BlockGame game platform, a landing project of TopChain, would go on line and get access to products, as a result, more and more Blockchain enthusiasts pay more attention to BlockGame. So what is BlockGame?


What is BlockGame?

BlockGame is a global decentralized game platform under the TopChain ecosystem. It aims to provide game developers and players with a platform for independent customization, cooperation, and common development. BlockGame has built a free economy with token as key medium for all game product manufacturers and players to realize a global decentralized game ecosystem where everyone participates, everyone decides, and everyone benefits.

What are the advantages of BlockGame?

Compared with the traditional game structure, Blockchain is more consistent with the concept in Internet+Blockchain era and has more concise and direct ecological closed loop. For developers, BlockGame offers a direct access to players, and after connecting with BlockGame platform, products can directly face users which eliminates the middle steps such as issuance and channels, avoids dilution of shares, improves the speed of capital withdrawal and increases the initiative of developers. 

For players, BlockGame community provides an online entertainment platform integrating consumption, investment and profit. Players can evaluate and invest on a product through vote, and can also benefit during game playing through the games mining module to give a new interpretation to game behavior.

How to join BlockGame?

Developers can send online application to BlockGame platform. After the initial review, such application will be voted by BlockGame community users to decide to go online and then developers can officially get access to TopChain ecology.

As an ordinary user, you can log in the BlockGame website and register a BlockGame account to join and participate in all game products on the platform.

BlockGame is a bold innovation and deep exploration of TopChain in the field of blockchain games. It is also an important step for TopChain's global decentralized game ecology strategy. It is believed that BlockGames online and more products joining will open up a whole new chapter in the game industry.

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